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November 02, 2005

Disturbing Practices for CIA Detention

More on the no oversight project brought to you by your GOP-led government: the Washington Post has perhaps the most detailed report yet on the secret system of CIA prisons operated outside of any legal reach or rational congressional oversight.

The problem isn't that the CIA has secret detention facilities. The problem is that there is no legal path for detainees from there. Who decides who goes into the system? Who decides how long a detainee stays? What methods are used to interrogate detainees, and do those methods cause detainees to provide falsely incriminating information?

This is done in our names. The Washington Post needs to identify the Eastern European democracies that are involved in this (Poland would be a good guess based on how much money the Bush administration has tried to funnel to it, but is it the only one?) and the Congress needs closed-door briefings and hearings to implement and provide continuous oversight.

Your country is disappearing people.

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