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November 04, 2005

GOP Passes Price Hikes for the Poor

It's just amazing, really. At the turn of the last century, we had a Republican president named Theodore Roosevelt who worked tirelessly to create a more fair nation. He believed that those who benefit the most from America's freedoms should pay taxes that those who benefit the least cannot afford, and America's progressive taxation system was implemented. This was part of a broader agenda of reform and international involvement, and as I've written here before, the gentleman cowboy captured the essense and optimism of our country at the dawn of what would become The American Century.

Now, we have a Republican president named George W. Bush who was born to extravagant wealth and has worked tirelessly to ensure that the rich are once again immunized to the cost of operating the nation that has gifted them with such luxury. He believes that those who benefit the most from America's freedoms are better than those who benefit least, and his administration has been relentless in pushing the burden of basic services onto the backs of those who can least afford, and most need, them. This is all part of a broader agenda of separation of the economic classes and a flawed brand of international adventurism, and this tactless cowboy has damaged America at home at abroad more than anyone in any of our lifetimes.

Republicanism has not always been a selfish, dog-eat-dog ideology and it has not always channeled itself through the ideologues that now make up what passes for national leadership in this country. Bush continues to push for his Ownership Society, where only those who own things are full citizens of the republic, while the poverty rate has increased every year of his presidency. He is not incapable of learning: see his backtracking from social security privatization, but he is rigid and disinclined to glean wisdom from setbacks.

We, the people will bear the cost of his folly. Just as when real Presidents occupy the White House, we the people see the fruit of good governance.

Link to today's selfish and sad news item.

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