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November 09, 2006

Mehlman Out at End of Year

Oh Ken, we've had such fun together. You were going to lead a GOP that actively reached out to black evangelicals by pounding away at gay people. But somewhere between "macaca" and "Call me, Harold", that fell apart.

You were going to lead a GOP that brought Hispanics into its big tent. You didn't tell them that this was so Tom Tancredo of Colorado could bludgeon them with circus-sized hammers, but they seem to have gotten the point.

You ran Bush's 2004 race, skillfully courting rural evangelicals with a strange mix of faith-based chatter and fear the queer ballot initiatives. You, the bachelor who won't publicly acknowledge your heterosexuality.

We've had a good run of years together Ken. You demolished the historic wing of your own party known as "moderates", alienated the vast majority of Americans, and guided your party from being one of national aspirations to a merely regional party guided by the self interest of southern evangelicals. It's quite a track record.

I'd love to say I won't miss you, but the truth is I will. I'm one of the many political watchers out in the hinterlands who believes that you are a gay man, and I admit to having spent far too much time these last years wondering how it is that you could dance so close to both the corridors of power and the closet door, while knifing in the back so many people just like you.

Good luck Ken. I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for, and I hope it brings you joy in the end.

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